Chaoyang Theater is one of the top venues to enjoy traditional Acrobatics Shows in Beijing. Established in 1984, it was designated to be the theater to host government guests and visiting delegations in 1986. Chaoyang theatre also attracts both domestic and foreign tourists with its refined performance from late 1980s.

So far the theater has been putting on acrobatics shows for more than 20 years, and received over 3 million guests from overseas. Numerous foreign leaders and distinguished guests have come to this theater to view its wonderful acrobatics show.

With its perfect location right next to BeijingĄ¯s East Third Ring Road, visitors may find Chaoyang Theater easy to approach by either public transportation(Metro in particular) or taxi. The theater is not far from the center of BeijingĄ¯s CBD(Central Business District), Embassy District and the famous Sanlitun Bar Area, so it is a nice choice for all business travelers, diplomatic delegations and holidaymakers.

2 Responses to “Home”

  1. Darren Says:

    Is the motorcycle show still at your theatre and will it be there Dec 31/11-Thanks

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Sir,yes,it is still play in the Chaoyang Theater and it will be here all the year round.

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